Tall Table Lamp UK

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Tall Table Lamp UK – Simple pipes take on an all new purpose with this DIY lamp project. Never wired a lamp before? No worries, it’s a whole lot easier than you think. Building the base and assembling the pipes is pretty basic. Take a look at the detailed directions and I’m going to focus mainly on how you wire the lamp.

Details about Tall Table Lamp UK

You’ll need a light socket kit and a cord — this one’s 12-foot – you need to thread the cord thru the pipe and a dowel’s a great tool for that. To thread the ‘neck’ of the lamp — it’s easiest to work in a series of steps. Lay out the pieces in the correct shape, and work on a flat surface to keep them aligned correctly. Each time you assemble pieces, use a product called thread-lock fluid –it helps keep the joints stable so the lamp doesn’t twist.

Feed the cord through the sections as you build and tighten, kind of like threading beads on a string. You’ve got about a 20-minute window before the thread lock starts to set up so you can still make adjustments once the lamp’s assembled. When you’re happy with the shape, let the lamp sit for another 20 minutes or so to let the thread-lock setup.

tall table lamp uk
tall table lamp uk

Now you’re ready for the socket assembly. Take off the cap and separate the socket from the shell. Screw this socket nipple into the cap — slip the cord through the shade, through the cap, and slide the cap up and attach it to the pipe.

Now, you’ll make a knot called an underwriters knot — to attach to the socket. You’ll feel the difference in the wire textures, one is smooth and the other’s ribbed

Attach the smooth wire to the brass screw (the ribbed wire to the silver screw). Slip the shell over the socket and add your bulb.

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